Who’s Going to Entertain at NRL Grand Final 2022?

For the day of the Grand Final, the National Rugby League and the National Rugby League Women picked an Australian music spectacular with Jimmy Barnes and Bliss n Ess.

NRL Grand Final 2022 entertainment

There will be ten different bands performing at both the men’s and women’s NRL Grand Finals, so there will be something for everyone.

The NRL and NRLW Grand Finals will be exciting and entertaining.

There will be a variety of shows on the day of the NRL and NRLW Grand Finals.

Mahalia Barnes

During the NRLW Grand Final Pre-Game Show, Mahalia Barnes will discuss The Real Thing. She is looking forward to performing at a concert with some of Australia’s top female musicians.

A.GIRL, Emma Donovan, and Barnes will appear in the NRLW Pre-Game Show 2022.


Barnes and A.GIRL will perform on the NRLW Pre-Game Show to show their support for female artists and athletes.

A. GIRL believes it’s fantastic that female athletes are receiving so much attention at the moment.

As a woman working in an industry dominated by males, she found it thrilling to share the stage with other women.

Boys may want to see their queens succeed at court and in public.

Emma Donovan

Last but not least is Emma Donovan, a singer who will perform at the NRLW Grand Final Pre-Game Show.

Donovan’s family expected their children to either sing or play football.

During games, she used to sit in the bunker and listen to Jimmy Barnes and Tina Turner’s Simply The Best.

According to the artist, It felt like a dream come true when she was given the opportunity to play in the NRL. All of her hobbies may now intersect.

Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes, Australia’s most well-known musician, will perform at the NRL Grand Final Pre-Game Show

Barnes was pleased to hear Australian music at the NRL Finals.

“The Finals Day is an opportunity to party with the greatest of the best,” Barnes added.

This year, he is really looking forward to taking part in the All-Australian Entertainment Pre-Game Show.


Diesel is thrilled to be working on such a well-known project with Barnes for the second time.

When he played with Jimmy, he always felt more confident, and Diesel says the atmosphere before a game is the finest he’s ever seen.

Josh Teskey

Josh Teskey was overjoyed to share the stage alongside Barnes, Diesel, and Emma Donovan.

Teskey is looking forward to sharing the stage with Jimmy Barnes and Emma Donovan at the NRL finals.

Sheldon Riley

Sheldon Riley will perform at the NRL Grand Final the following year after representing Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022.

Riley is ecstatic to begin since this is his one and only opportunity to play on stage.

The NRL Grand Final was an incredible spectacle “Riley said.

He said it was an honor to be allowed to participate in such a large event.

Bliss n Eso, featuring JOY

JOY and Bliss n Eso will sing their well-known song “MOMENTS” as part of an occasion to bid goodbye to the NRL players.

According to Bliss n’ Eso, it will be an honor to perform our song “MOMENTS” as an homage to the “legends of the game” who are departing just before the Grand Final.

Joy has admired Bliss n Eso since she was a child, and she can’t wait to see them perform live.

Alinta Chidzey

Alinta Chidzey, the lead of Moulin Rouge, will perform with the NRL and NRLW in their last musical performance!

Chidzey will perform the Australian national anthem before the day begins.

It’s a privilege to perform the National Anthem before one of Australia’s most thrilling games “Chidzey brought this up.

Before the game, every fan in the stadium is psyched up and ready to go.

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