Who Comes in Second Place After Penrith?

Who comes in second place in the NRL after 18 games, given that it is clear that Penrith is the greatest side in the competition?

Penrith Panthers

What kind of feelings do fans of rugby league have towards the forthcoming championship series?

If the Panthers are able to win three of their remaining seven games, they will be the favorites to win back-to-back championships in 2022 and will become the minor champions.

Who among the other teams has the best opportunity to give the Panthers a run for their money if the Panthers have already secured their spot in the title game?

The Broncos great Corey Parker went with a less traditional second-place team in order to take advantage of the problems facing the Storm as well as the relative inexperience of the Cowboys and Sharks.

During his appearance on SENQ Mornings, Parker referred to the Panthers as “excellent” at the moment.

When experts thought about it a year ago, they anticipated that Penrith and Parramatta would get into a fight before the first pitch was thrown.

At the moment, Parramatta has been victorious against both Melbourne and Penrith, both of which had their headquarters in Penrith. This has and will continue to have my support.

The most difficult challenge for Parramatta will be making it into the top four spots in the standings.

If they don’t place in the top four, they won’t be able to take part in the championship round that we have planned.

On Thursday night, they will compete against the Broncos in a game that is sure to be thrilling due to the fact that both teams are now knotted at 24 points and have a lot to play for.

After that, there is a chance that they will move on to the final four.

Parker believes that the Eels have the players and playing style necessary to be successful in September, despite the fact that they are currently in sixth place with a record of 11-6.

When asked about the playing style of the Parramatta Eels, Parker said, “I enjoy it.”

They are constructing and playing football in a manner that is forceful and direct. Both Mitch Moses and Reed Mahoney are tough players who play on the outside of the defense.

Additionally, (Isaiah) Papali’i and Shaun Lane are having their finest seasons of their careers despite not being in the starting lineup. If you want to be successful in competitions, you have to be good in a lot of different things.

The Parramatta Eels have always had the ability to wow the experts in a variety of situations, but at this point in time, they need to finish in the top four.

The experts warned that if they continue in this manner, other teams would begin to imitate them.

The Eels will have their next chance to go up in the standings on Thursday night when they take on the Broncos at CommBank Stadium.

The Eels are scheduled to play the Panthers, the Sea Eagles (away), the Rabbitohs, the Broncos (away), and the Storm before the final round of games.

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