NRL Finals Bracket 2023: Printable & Current Format

The NRL Finals Bracket is a chart that shows how the top-ranking 8 teams progress to the Grand Final. The 2023 NRL Finals series spans 4 weeks, with 9 matches played to determine the champion.

NRL Finals Bracket 2023

Printable Blank NRL Finals Bracket 2023

The 2023 NRL Finals series kicks off on Friday, 8th September 2023. Hi NRL Fans! We’ve created a free, printer-friendly NRL Finals bracket for you at home or in the office. We aim to ensure you don’t miss out on any NRL Finals matches.

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How does NRL Finals Bracket work?

Here is the exact path explaining how the NRL Finals Bracket works:

Week 1: Qualifying & Elimination Finals

  1. Qualifying Finals:
    • 1st vs. 4th (Winner goes to Week 3, loser goes to Week 2)
    • 2nd vs. 3rd (Winner goes to Week 3, loser goes to Week 2)
  2. Elimination Finals:
    • 5th vs. 8th (Loser is eliminated)
    • 6th vs. 7th (Loser is eliminated)

Week 2: Semi-Finals

  1. Higher-ranked Qualifying Final loser vs. Lower-ranked Elimination Final winner
  2. Lower-ranked Qualifying Final loser vs. Higher-ranked Elimination Final winner

At the end of this week, two more teams are eliminated, and two move on to Week 3.

Week 3: Preliminary Finals

  1. Higher-ranked Qualifying Final winner vs. Winner of the second Semi Final from Week 2
  2. Lower-ranked Qualifying Final winner vs. Winner of the first Semi Final from Week 2

The winners of these matches advance to the Grand Final.

Week 4: Grand Final

  • The winners from the two Preliminary Finals in Week 3 face off in the Grand Final to determine the NRL Premiership champion.

This system ensures that the top 4 teams have the benefit of a double chance, as they can lose in the first week and still remain in the competition. It also means teams that finish the regular season in higher positions (particularly the top 4) are given certain advantages in terms of progression and the path to the Grand Final.