NRL Finals Bracket 2022: How Does it Work?

Here is how the NRL Finals Bracket 2022 work.

Starting with the top eights

We rank the top eight NRL teams. A victory is worth two points during the regular season, which comprises of 24 games, a draw is for one point, and a defeat is worth zero points. When two teams have identical records, the difference between their for and against records determines who wins.

If the game is drawn

More time is used if the scores are the same. Championship round games cannot be divided up in the same way that regular season games can. The game will begin with a coin toss, followed by a brief break and two five-minute halves. In a typical game, if the score is tied after 10 minutes, a tiebreaker is used. However, there is no tiebreaker in this game. If the score is still tied after ten minutes, the game will be decided by golden point. The Roosters defeated the Tigers in the 101st minute in 2010. The final of a tri-series between New South Wales and Queensland took more than 104 minutes in the 1997 Super League controversy.

The first week

The top four (places 1-4) face off against the bottom four in the first week of finals (places 5–8). (Spots 5-8) The top seed and the fourth seed square off in the last game of the qualifying round. The second and third seeded also face off.

The championship game will be held in the winner’s and runner-home up’s states. Teams finishing in the top four cannot be booted out of the playoffs, even if they lose in week one. The victor is exempt from the second week of play and will compete in the regional final at their home stadium in the third week.

If the losers make it this far, they may have to play again the following week, as well as fly out of state. It’s satisfying to win the qualifying final.

The second week

The losers of the qualifying finals play the winners of the elimination finals during the second week of the championships. Those who advance to the finals of the qualifying bracket are given a week off, while those who do not are eliminated. Those who lose in the semifinals are out for the season; those who win advance to the preliminary the following week.

The fifth-place winner will face the first-place loser, while the seventh-place winner will face the second-place loser. A game might be played in the state of the team that finished second in the qualifying final. Gambling is only permitted on Friday and Saturday nights.

The third week

The winners of the first week’s finals face the winners of the second week’s semifinals in the first round of the third week. The winner of this round advances to the final round. The victors of each semifinal match go to the finals, while the losers are eliminated from the competition. The outcomes of the first two weeks of the playoffs can influence how the preliminary finals are assembled in a variety of ways.

The winner of the first qualifying final will face the winner of the second semifinal, and so on. No two clubs can play each other more than once throughout the first three weeks of the playoffs. The games will be hosted in the state that wins the final round of qualifying, providing that side a significant advantage. Only on Friday and Saturday nights can you gamble.

The fourth week

Finals week four contains the championship match between the two semifinal winners from the previous week. The victor of this game will be crowned champion for the year. Unless both teams lost in the first week’s elimination finals, the championship game can be played between any two teams in the finals. The game will be played at the same location regardless of whether team is designated as the “home” team.

When the pandemic struck in 2021, the game had to be relocated from Sydney’s Olympic Stadium to Brisbane. It is shown on Sunday evenings.

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